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ooo happy day!

January 31, 2009

cocacolanakcikdin is the new blog that will tell you about what you can see around you, it is more into relationship, friendship and the fact of real life…. this is my vision to make you guys my friends to explore their own life and realised the meaning of this wonderful real life and situations that you may not forget till you reach to the unexpected level.. hmm how should i start, well i’m a typical malaysian who lived in malaysian Society which full of concepts and misconceptions.. i won’t tell you more about me because if i want to, i might create my own myspace or freindster, since nowdays, those fantasy network keep indulging young people to “expose” themselves.. i’m too old for that.. why the title is “ooo happy day”? this is due to my first attempt in writing..yeah i love to observe people, and i would love to talk about them mucho! but what i’m going to do is to let people know how tremendous are you in being a human in this super precious world..for a long time, i have been looking for something to enlarge my scope of experiences in writing and at the same time share it with my peers and other people! this title actually symblised my feeling 🙂 for you guys, i hope you will get ready to read and think with me.. tQ