life is something unpredictable

ok i guess this year is not my year anymore.. if i can say this F#&* word… it might be a full satisfaction for me.. dear viewer.. i had faced the worst  nightmare and unaccepted circumstances in my life.. which i juz agreed with the “Kami” film’s tagline “Hidup ini mmg palat”.. i don’t know what to say, kene rompak dalam kerete sendiri kat traffic light, duit cash rm600 hilang ntah kemane, xtawu sape ambil, are things dats so unaccepted for me.. i felt really2 useless and hopeless..
ade orang cakap dat bende tu mungkin sbb karma, consequences that occured because my own fault mase zaman jahiliah dulu.. but WAIT! aku pernah ke rompak org ?.. ntahla, maybe because other sins that i had done.. aku rase mcm nk pijak je perut pencuri tu, nk gigit tgn die, nk pekik kt telinge die “Duit kot! ko igt GULE2 ke! Kepale hotak ko!@#%^&$*&&#@&?/”…eh macam2 lagi la..
seriously beb, all the things that occured aku x expect pown berlaku, i thought i will be safe living in my own country, but then look how misery i am.. napela x prepare umberalla before the rain is dropping… ACEH! bapak direct translation.. you know what, i’m tired being like this.. jgn sampai aku curi or rompak die balik la..
Mak? my mom doesn’t trust me at all, after that incident, she thought i am the one who spent the money… adoooiiii can you describe how is the feeling of being pointed by someone’s finger?  it is very hurting  especially if someone dat you love doesn’t trust you anymore, it is like something stab you adernalin,, now dat is the answer..
  Do you know what is the moral value for this story.. always be ready, don’t create you own thought; where you are always be safe, relax and steady,and don’t depends on god, if you don’t give ur whole effort!.. in my case, i am a leisure person, so i won’t give a damn if somebody stole my handbag or somebody take my money out from my purse.. hah,, cmne tuh? nak salah kan sape.. SinDIRI mau INGat!!!


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2 Responses to “life is something unpredictable”

  1. BoBBa Says:

    sabq la sue oi..
    life ni mmg unpredictable..
    one you ada kat up..
    jab g u will be kat down!

  2. cocacolanakcikdin Says:

    Betol tu bob.. tp dh asyek nk down jer per cer?haha

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