“Thankful and Grateful”

Statement 1:
Mane lagi hot? aku ke bdk kt Hujung sane?
Statement 2:
Eh ko rase kalo aku kecik kan pehe aku sikit ok kew? ade mcm body Kate Moss x?
Statement 3:
Gile ke ape! bdk tu dh ah gemok! xkan aku nk ngorat die!
Statement 4:
Orang jahat macam aku nie, kene ade awek yang jahat gak! baru la Bonnie and Clyde!
  Pergh… those four statements i have heard from those who don’t know how lucky they are living in this world.. first of all, have you ever think or thought about other vulnerable and unlucky people around you before you speak it out.. durgh~ it is simple right? i just say it! but have i ever stop talking about those craps? no! i’m a normal person, i won’t be satisfied with my ownself.. everyday when i look at the mirror there must be something that i would love to complain and compare.. “eh Kenape la idong nie xmancung mcm Wardina?alaa, kalo bdn cantek macam Elyana yang tinggi lampai tu mesti ley pakai short!.. eh kalo lemak kat badan nie xde mesti ley pakai sexy!” hmmm.. now you know, nobody’s perfect… 🙂

  These silly little things kept repeating in our head but do we realised that we are one of the most beautiful creation that god had created.. we have brain, eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks and etc…(makhluk  laen bley lawan kecomelan and otak  kite kew.. eh cop2 kecuali kecomelan kucing kan? that one guwa xleyh tipu!).  sometimes, those people are born to be pretty, brilliant, talented and kind.. there must be a reason for them.. Hey! still not finish yet! how about us? the people who are not so pretty, not really kind and not so good in education? and not really good in implmenting task?…Baek MATI JEW!.. hahahahaha

  No la, just kidding.. why don’t we do something that can upgrade ourself, succesfully! why don’t we just pretend to be in the same level with those lucky people who known as “Miss or Mr. Everythin”?.. why don’t we just be thankful and grateful of what we have already had.. trust me my friend… Not only you, but god knows you well XD



2 Responses to ““Thankful and Grateful””

  1. tertib Says:

    aku mmg syg diri aku sndiri
    tapi dlm idup ni kan ne de mnsia smpurna kan?kan?
    mmg aku bersyukur sgt dgn ciptaan allah yg maha esa ni..
    aku kne bsyukur…..

  2. cocacolanakcikdin Says:

    ERMM NAME adek terib ye? akk phm life is something challenging, kalo nk di ikutkan almost everything we felt unlucky.. kekadang life nie mcm satu misery.. its ok, akk phm.. 🙂

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