“Life Partner @@”

seriously, it is hard for me to share this with you people.. it is like one of the most unaccepted experience that i have faced last year..
Hmm, first of all i would like to ask you guys how do you measure love? yeah “love is an abstract thing, it will come and it will go”.. ya allah is there any phrase that can change that?.. well love is not something that can come and go.. do you know how difficult to deny it.. owhh i know all the viewer had faced that experience..let me tell you a story (real story).
My sister is already divorced with her “super dupper multi good looking husband”- she always mentioned that. do you know how suffer i am, when i look at her and see her killing her life? it is so suffocating! she started to think about her faults which actually she is able to change, she started shopping unwisely and the worst is almost more than 20 times she kept asking me how pathetic she is…( which she never know that i really admire her fantabulous life) sometimes i thought my sister is crazy, but she is not and very normal.. she said that everybody non stop talking about her divorce thing and teasing her.. then i try to comfort her by saying “eh die yang bodoh xsayang kat ko! ko baek jew, asal ko nk pikir pasal die pulak. die pown bukannye bagus sangat.. ko lupekan jew die!”- wrong; i am wrong!.. i thought by saying that she could feel a bit calm, but actually she hated all the statements!
she replied ‘ko senang la dik, ko xpenah rase, ko kutuk die pown, die penah jadi suami aku~” there was a silent after that…. then the flashback appeared in my mind, i saw the happy moment she had had with her ex husband, her bright smile in the pictures.. and i suddenly kept myself to be silent.
then i asked to describe her ex husband.. she told me everything about him.. every single words that had been thrown out in her mouth, mostly are the greatest things..(on that time she was crying)..
so i want to ask you guys, do you know your bf and gf well before you said “Esok mak i nak datang merisik or Will you marry me? life after married is not something easy.. everyday you will faced different agendas, new situations, new topic to be quarelled…
knowing your partner is a “must” once you are married there is no time to turning back.. look into his or her eyes, are you ready to marry me? is there any secret that you want to share with?are you ok with me?and WHY YOU WANT TO MARRY ME? ( this is the most crucial, if the answer is too short and not reasonable.. i guess, you know how to judge it!)

“So love is something ambigous and unexplanable” 😛


4 Responses to ““Life Partner @@””

  1. dyla Says:

    wah !
    begitu menyayat hati ku
    menusuk kedalam sanubari ini
    live is broken

  2. BoBBa Says:

    for me..theres is nothing good about this ĹOVE thing because me myself dun believe in love…

    Love pnye sifat indah ni just temporary jah and it will start fading when time goes by… seriously.. one day u will realize that u can have a much better person that he or her..kan?..ngaku jer la semua…

    LAngit will be upside down la when things like what happen to your sister occur…

    my suggestion is..when nak bercinta,silakan..tp jgn bercinta sepenuh hati sbab we dont know how far our partner love us… maybe die punyer love tu so-so jek..

    thinks by yourself!


  3. cocacolanakcikdin Says:

    betol tu bob.. aku pown rase cmtu.. anyway thanks for the comment.. rajin2 la tgk blog nie walaupown xseberapa.. hehe.. chayunk die.. mmuAX!

  4. cocacolanakcikdin Says:

    trime kaseh sbb bg comment, hopefully we’ll be friend yah!rajin2 la bace blog saye yang boring nie.. hehe.. tQ 🙂

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